Shopping with a 2 year old

Monday, February 9, 2015
Perry and I set out to go wander and shop a little at Bridgestreet Sunday since the weather was warm and I had a stack of gift cards from Christmas. What actually happened was we went to Bridgestreet and walked (well I walked, Perry ran) around for an hour or so and did not go in any stores. Because when a 2 year old doesn't want to shop, it is pretty hard to make them shop.

Since I didn't actually need anything (thank goodness gift cards do not expire) and I have a cold and not tons of energy for wrangling a toddler, we did what he wanted to do and played on benches, looked at water, and just ran around. Then next thing we knew the little choo choo train that drives around the place went by...and of course P chased after it yelling "choo choo train!" I could hardly keep up with his little legs going after that train.

We were not far from the pick up spot and since P was already pretty much boarding said train, I paid the man the $6 and we climbed in. How do you say no to this face?

It was actually a delightful ride and we met a really nice mom and her adopted 3 year old son that shared our train car. Perry had the best time.

After that we grabbed some lunch and headed home for nap. For a play date morning it was fun...thinking about it in terms of a shopping outing? Not so much.

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