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Salt Lake City

Monday, March 30, 2015
I spent most of last week in Salt Lake City for the American College of Medical Genetics annual meeting. It was a fun trip and great to see a few of my favorite genetic counseling girls. Salt Lake City is a beautiful city. It was awesome to look up and see snow capped mountains in the distance.

I stayed at this little historic, boutique hotel called the Peery (not Perry). It was really nice and incredibly affordable compared to all the big chains nearby that jack up their rates for conference attendees. Didn't make it to tour the Mormon temple square, but walked past it a couple times and admired the architecture from afar.

In addition to meetings about genetics, I also had some really important meetings with this little guy. Got to love technology.

Perry was well taken care of by Daddy, Granna and Granddaddy while I was away. He did lots of playing with his cousins and spent two nights at "Camp Granna and Granddaddy." I got lots of updates and sweet pictures of him having an awesome time.

Only a few of my grad school classmates were there, but it was great to see them. Evenings were spent at laboratory sponsored events laughing and catching up on life.

Nearly the whole week was spent in the Salt Palace Convention Center in meetings, but I played hooky one day for a couple hours and went up into the hills by the University for some hiking. I use the word hiking kind of liberally. It was more walking to a pretty place to sit and look out over the amazing views.

I had an abstract accepted for a poster presentation at the meeting. Of course had to take the obligatory, nerdy picture with my poster. It is fun to share experiences and results from our genome sequencing work at HudsonAlpha.

Food was amazing. I ate lots of yummy things. Every morning I would walk or jog over to this cute little blue store front housing an amazing french boulangerie for a latte and a croissant or other baked good. Perfect way to start the day. Made me start getting really excited for our mornings in the real Paris in a few months.


Other favorite treat of the week was a waffle from Bruges, a local Belgian waffle shop. Under the piles of strawberries and chocolate was a yummy and chocolate stuffed waffle. It was incredible. 

Until next year ACMG. I got home Saturday evening and have jumped back into Easter week in full swing. It is going to be another fun week ahead. 

Circus Bedroom Updates

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
This weekend, Perry's circus bedroom got a few more additions in the form of the overhead light and the hanging of the Dumbo painting. I think he looks dashing.

The light is the Finn Pendant from Pottery Barn Teen. Teen...toddler...whatever works. I really liked the industrial look and the fact that with 9 bulbs it would give off a lot of light.

We love how it is all coming together. Just have a few more things like roman shades to hang, a bedside table to finish, some more artwork, possibly a rug and the staging of all those bookshelves.

Disney Junior Date

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
Sunday afternoon Adrienne and I took Perry out for a date to see Disney Junior Live on Tour. It was Pirates and Princess themed which meant a heavy emphasis on his good buddy Jake.

Perry was such a polite gentleman and waited so patiently through the Sofia first half of the show. He loved it all really. He sat intently watching and clapped along. Seriously he had an awesome time. We had fun watching him have fun, and the show was pretty cute in and of itself.

Mickey and Minnie were there as the host and hostess. P brought his Goofy stuffed animal and a book from home I couldn't convince him to leave behind. He is still too little to be very mesmerized by the overpriced merchandise tables at these kinds of events thank goodness.

It was a fun excursion with the little boy and the BFF. We have to take advantage of the rare times when Disney magic comes to Huntsville.

From there we met up with the big boys for dinner at Outback. Andrew had to work that afternoon and Chad was puppy sitting their dog that is still recovering from surgery. Perry has missed them recently. He kept wanting to sit in Adrienne's lap all through dinner. She was happy to oblige.

Partying with Darth Vader

Saturday, March 21, 2015
Friday night Perry and I went to the Bailey Cove library branch for an 80s party. I had a night off with P with no major plans and we have all been cooped up in the house most of the week with cold/allergy symptoms and I wanted to do something fun.

They had people dressed up as 80s movie characters, puppet shows, crafts, face painting, and 80s snacks. It was a fun way to spend a night with my boy. I wish I had known we were doing that when we dressed him in the morning and he would have been wearing something more bright and retro than an Auburn shirt. But oh well we went with it.

Perry got to meet Darth Vader and gave him a high five. He was not all too sure about him and his crazy breathing.

And he colored and put together some Yoda ears. He was really proud of his coloring.

Perry loved listening to the stories and puppet shows. And getting to see Mrs. Betty. His good pal Chuck E was there too...we seem to be running into him everywhere these days...except we haven't ever actually been to Chuck E Cheese.

Other firsts for the night included Perry's first face painting experience (an AU to coordinate with his shirt). 

And seeing some jawas and an ewok in a flight suit. Perry didn't know what to think about them either. He stopped dead in his tracks and stared at them. I am going to have to get more well versed in my Starwars knowledge before P gets older because you could have told me ewoks are supposed to wear flight suits and I would have gone with it. Apparently not though. lol.

We had dinner before we went but P enjoyed his unhealthy 80's style after dinner snack consisting of cheese puffs, Doritos and a fudge round.

Love impromptu, fun outings with my boy.

A much needed haircut

Thursday, March 19, 2015
P has been overdue for a haircut for a while now. I like his hair long and a little shaggy but he was really starting to look like an unkempt frat boy. You know it really is time for a haircut when your lifegroup is teaching the kid to shake his head to get his hair out of his eyes.

I probably haven't had my hair cut in almost a year. There is just no time for that kind of luxury. So I figured it was worth a shot at piggy backing on Perry's appointment yesterday. Perry got his hair cut and then he sat in my lap and watched Mickey Mouse on my phone while Julie cut my hair. It worked out pretty well.

Haircuts are not P's favorite activity. He doesn't hate it but he is skeptical of the whole messing with his hair thing. But he was all smiles after it was over.

When we got done, it was about an hour before Andrew was getting off work so P and I just went and got some gelato while we waited. That way Andrew could take him home to nap instead of back to preschool. Perry asked for cookies and ice he was quite happy with his cookies and cream gelato. I was happy he picked that one because it was white and would not make quite as much of a mess. The weather was so pretty we ate outside on the square.

And because I was just looking at pictures on my phone, here is a random one of our goofball child at dinner tonight after he found his sunglasses in his backpack. He is so fun (and funny).

Wordless Wednesday: St. Patricks Day edition

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sunday Funday

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
After a week of solid rain (ok maybe not but it sure seemed like it). Sunday was just beautiful. Sunny and 70. We couldn't wait to break out the spring wardrobe for church. Andrew was feeling pretty crummy most of the weekend (and was quite the trooper for painting through his sickness) so he stayed home while P and I got gussied up and went to church. But not without a few pictures with my sweet boy in the glorious sunshine. Hello shorts and sundresses...and silly P.

Shades of Grey

Monday, March 16, 2015
And by shades of grey I am referring to paint colors, not a controversial book.

We are still working on scrubbing the residual paint out from under our finger nails from the weekend's adventures. We spent nearly all of our weekend getting started on Perry's big boy bedroom. Transformation from guest room to toddler room technically started a long time ago with the addition of some awesome built in bookshelves and window seat for our little guy.

We have no specific plans of him moving into his new room and evacuating his crib anytime real soon. I am in no hurry to give him the freedom to get out of bed himself. But we are enjoying the process of putting the room together and having it ready for him when he is ready to move. It is a luxury afforded by having him actually moving to a different room in the house.

Perry's new room is going to be circus themed. The inspiration and anchor point is this awesome canvas painting of Dumbo we spotted and fell in love with on our Disney cruise last fall. It is ultimately going to hang right above his bed.

The goal was to get the walls painted this weekend. I picked out some really cute bright colored bedding and wanted to have fun with artwork so didn't want the walls to be too obnoxious or over the top. So we went with a neutral grey with a grey on grey vertical striped accent wall. We thought the subtle vertical stripes would pay a little homage to the circus tent look.

Step one was to get the room all taped off. Always seems like taping takes nearly as much time as actually painting. We painted the adjoining bathroom too while we were at it, so there were lots of little nooks and crannies to tape around.

Travis came over Saturday morning to help us paint. It's amazing how quickly painting goes with lots of hands. The walls were painted a really really light grey (Sherwin Williams 7666 - Fleur De Sel). The three of us got the bedroom and bathroom painted (with two coats) in under 3 hours I think. Shout out to Granna and Granddaddy who hung out with P for the morning so we could have some focused child-free paint time.

We also were able to put together P's bed once we got the room mostly painted. Andrew's grandfather (Perry's great grandfather) made this bed. It was actually bunk beds originally (Ben has the other one). I love that he will be sleeping in a bed built by his great granddad. 

As soon as the bed was put together I couldn't wait to get the bedding on. The bedding has been sitting there just begging to be made for months now. There is a long story associated with this bedding which involves falling in love with a product on Pinterest that is from the UK and cannot be bought in or shipped to the USA. Not to be defeated I found a way around that little issue and had a friend in the UK buy it and mail it to me (thanks Clare!). 

Totally worth the frustration though because it is perfect. In case you think it is perfect too and want to have an English friend buy it for you, it is from Joules.  :)

Perry loved his new bed. He climbed right in and made himself right at home. And then promptly went to his crib to sleep.

The walls weren't done yet. We still had to stripe. So here's were things too a not so easy turn. What should have been simple to tape with a laser level was not so much. Maybe the walls are crooked or maybe the laser level was having issues, but what it said was a straight line was definitely not a straight line. So we had to spend way too long taping and re-taping the stripes. Once we could actually start painting it went really fast.

For the stripes we decided to use the next shade darker on the paint chip (Sherwin Williams 7667 - Zircon) in a semi-gloss. I am really happy with the contrast of a slightly darker color and a different finish. Especially with such a neutral color like grey.

And here is our finished product. Our two shades of grey. Again, totally worth the headache and frustration. And we have said that Perry better like those stripes because they are staying there for a while.

The room still has quite a ways to go, but I am excited about how far we got this weekend!

Five for Friday: Things Perry Hates

Friday, March 13, 2015
Granna and Grandaddy picked Perry up from school today at lunch and took him back to their house to play and nap until I got off work. Then I went and joined them for dinner and a little more play time. Perry says the funniest things these days. I forget what Gary asked him tonight at the dinner table but he looked back and him and said "of course I do Granddaddy." We all broke out laughing.

Following the theme from last Friday, here are five things that Perry is not so much liking (even go so far as hating) these days.

1. Vegetables. I totally underestimated the will power of a toddler that does not want to eat something. Sometimes we can get him to eat corn. Other than that, vegetables are a no go. One night we tried to bribe him to eat one sliver of carrot with dessert. And he sat and watched us eat dessert in front of him and would not eat the carrot. Of note, he did not get dessert.

2. Being dropped off at preschool/nursery. I'm glad we are not parents that cannot walk away with a child unhappy because we would never leave his sight. But we know good and well he will be fine microseconds later as soon as we are out of sight. He does not like being left though.

3. Taking off jammies in the morning. Most mornings he still has to be woken up. He is the kid that loves his sleep. Especially this week with the time change - 7 am feels excruciatingly like 6 am. And jammies are so warm and snuggly. He resists that early morning clothes change so much. He will pitifully whine "I neeeeeeed them (referring to his jammies)."

4. You doing something for him that he can do himself. He is getting so independent. Don't you dare peel that banana for him.

5. Mommy holding another baby. I have learned if I want Perry snuggles, the sure fire way to get them is to pick up another baby. Suddenly there is no where P wants to be more than in my arms.

Perry - we love you and you are such a fun-loving kid and a pleasure to be around 99.9999% of the time. Even in the toddler tantrums we think are so happy you are ours.

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hello Spring

Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Sunday after church P and I needed to go to the grocery store but not before we went and found some local ducks and geese to share a loaf of expired bread with.

Perry had the best time getting slices out of the bag, breaking it into pieces and tossing it to the birds. The few ducks there were not all that interested. But the geese? Yes they were quite hungry. P about lost a finger to one. Ok not really. But the goose came up and took it right out of his hand. I was so proud of how well P handled the slightly overbearing geese. He wasn't scared at all.

One very satisfied gaggle of geese later, P had to be pulled away to get to the grocery store and home for a nap. He could have stayed there all day.

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