A much needed haircut

Thursday, March 19, 2015
P has been overdue for a haircut for a while now. I like his hair long and a little shaggy but he was really starting to look like an unkempt frat boy. You know it really is time for a haircut when your lifegroup is teaching the kid to shake his head to get his hair out of his eyes.

I probably haven't had my hair cut in almost a year. There is just no time for that kind of luxury. So I figured it was worth a shot at piggy backing on Perry's appointment yesterday. Perry got his hair cut and then he sat in my lap and watched Mickey Mouse on my phone while Julie cut my hair. It worked out pretty well.

Haircuts are not P's favorite activity. He doesn't hate it but he is skeptical of the whole messing with his hair thing. But he was all smiles after it was over.

When we got done, it was about an hour before Andrew was getting off work so P and I just went and got some gelato while we waited. That way Andrew could take him home to nap instead of back to preschool. Perry asked for cookies and ice cream...so he was quite happy with his cookies and cream gelato. I was happy he picked that one because it was white and would not make quite as much of a mess. The weather was so pretty we ate outside on the square.

And because I was just looking at pictures on my phone, here is a random one of our goofball child at dinner tonight after he found his sunglasses in his backpack. He is so fun (and funny).

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