Disney Junior Date

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
Sunday afternoon Adrienne and I took Perry out for a date to see Disney Junior Live on Tour. It was Pirates and Princess themed which meant a heavy emphasis on his good buddy Jake.

Perry was such a polite gentleman and waited so patiently through the Sofia first half of the show. He loved it all really. He sat intently watching and clapped along. Seriously he had an awesome time. We had fun watching him have fun, and the show was pretty cute in and of itself.

Mickey and Minnie were there as the host and hostess. P brought his Goofy stuffed animal and a book from home I couldn't convince him to leave behind. He is still too little to be very mesmerized by the overpriced merchandise tables at these kinds of events thank goodness.

It was a fun excursion with the little boy and the BFF. We have to take advantage of the rare times when Disney magic comes to Huntsville.

From there we met up with the big boys for dinner at Outback. Andrew had to work that afternoon and Chad was puppy sitting their dog that is still recovering from surgery. Perry has missed them recently. He kept wanting to sit in Adrienne's lap all through dinner. She was happy to oblige.

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