Five for Friday: Things Perry Hates

Friday, March 13, 2015
Granna and Grandaddy picked Perry up from school today at lunch and took him back to their house to play and nap until I got off work. Then I went and joined them for dinner and a little more play time. Perry says the funniest things these days. I forget what Gary asked him tonight at the dinner table but he looked back and him and said "of course I do Granddaddy." We all broke out laughing.

Following the theme from last Friday, here are five things that Perry is not so much liking (even go so far as hating) these days.

1. Vegetables. I totally underestimated the will power of a toddler that does not want to eat something. Sometimes we can get him to eat corn. Other than that, vegetables are a no go. One night we tried to bribe him to eat one sliver of carrot with dessert. And he sat and watched us eat dessert in front of him and would not eat the carrot. Of note, he did not get dessert.

2. Being dropped off at preschool/nursery. I'm glad we are not parents that cannot walk away with a child unhappy because we would never leave his sight. But we know good and well he will be fine microseconds later as soon as we are out of sight. He does not like being left though.

3. Taking off jammies in the morning. Most mornings he still has to be woken up. He is the kid that loves his sleep. Especially this week with the time change - 7 am feels excruciatingly like 6 am. And jammies are so warm and snuggly. He resists that early morning clothes change so much. He will pitifully whine "I neeeeeeed them (referring to his jammies)."

4. You doing something for him that he can do himself. He is getting so independent. Don't you dare peel that banana for him.

5. Mommy holding another baby. I have learned if I want Perry snuggles, the sure fire way to get them is to pick up another baby. Suddenly there is no where P wants to be more than in my arms.

Perry - we love you and you are such a fun-loving kid and a pleasure to be around 99.9999% of the time. Even in the toddler tantrums we think are so happy you are ours.

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