Five for Friday: Things Perry Loves

Friday, March 6, 2015
First things first. I am super excited that the guest blog post I wrote for was published today, all about Perry's first haircut at the barber shop in Disney World. Check it out here.

Next, for a look into the life of P these days I thought I wanted to do a quick run down of a few things that would be on his current Love It list. Next Friday I will do the opposite, list out some things he just cannot stand these days. After all, two year olds are quite opinionated...and those opinions change as quickly as Alabama weather in March.

Speaking of weather...we got iced in yesterday. Woke up to a ground totally covered in sleet. Did I mention it was 70 degrees the day before? Thankfully Andrew was off so he didn't have to go to work in the mess. I waited and just went into work for a few hours in the afternoon. So we got a lazy morning at home sleeping in, eating cinnamon rolls, and watching Lets Make A Deal on TV.

Ok. On to the list.

1. Trains - Especially Thomas and all his friends. We were driving through town the other day quizzing him in the backseat about the different trains and their colors. We would name a train and he would immediately say it's color without looking at anything. He got them all. Even the obscure ones like Hiro and Salty and Ferdinand.

2. Hot Dogs - Are his favorite food these days. I hear he ate like 3 of them at lifegroup last week while I was away.

3. Cupcakes - Really all sweets. But he has been on a cupcake kick this week because it has been a bunch of people's birthdays. And he equates birthdays to cupcakes (for him to eat). At lifegroup Tuesday night he kept telling Gina happy birthday in hopes cupcakes would magically appear.

4. Baths and Brushing Teeth - If you ask him to go take a bath or brush his teeth he will immediately say "OK!" and jump up and run upstairs.  It is cute. The motivation? Super fun bath toys and his Jake and the Neverland Pirates toothbrush and toothpaste. 

5. Granna and Granddaddy - And how could he not love them? I think one of the sweetest things to hear is him to say "my Granna." If they are around, mommy and daddy are old news. And if you want to see his world fall apart, just have Granna be the one to drop him off at the church nursery (sorry Granna...we should have seen that coming).

Perry loves countless other things and people too. An honorable mention and shout out has to go out to brown puppy and white fox that just had to eat cinnamon rolls with him this morning. He is such a happy kiddo that finds fun all over the world around him. 

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