Luck of the Irish

Saturday, March 7, 2015
Last night Perry and I got to go to the annual United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) fundraiser. We have been several years now and it is always a good time. The theme is "An Irish Evening" complete with Irish food, drinks, green cornhole boards, music and dancers. The event has gotten more kid friendly over the years to where now they encourage kids attending and there is lots to see and do in addition to supporting a great organization.

It was a fun excuse for Perry to wear one of his St. Patrick's Day shirts and his red hair fit right in with the Irish theme. 

I had to pull P away from the cornhole boards. He could have stayed there all night. We ran into Adam there and he snagged P a green balloon. The way to a kids heart for sure.

I think Perry ate cupcakes and applesauce and cheerios for dinner. But that was a-ok by him. Bless him for trying the bread pudding...and promptly spitting it back out. For a non-toddler, the food was quite good.

I am not sure the Irish connection with the Chuck E Cheese mouse, but he was there for the party too. Enter an awkward moment when P was not paying attention and he came up and tapped him on the head. I had to get his attention to turn around and when he did he was mildly freaked out. It was no Mickey Mouse.

P was smitten by the pretty little girls on the dance floor and tried to show off and get their attention. At one point he was trying to do either a headstand or a summersault, but couldn't quite get his feet off the ground. It was cute and kind of looked like he was trying to break dance. 

It was a super fun night and we danced the night away past someone's bedtime. 

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