Partying with Darth Vader

Saturday, March 21, 2015
Friday night Perry and I went to the Bailey Cove library branch for an 80s party. I had a night off with P with no major plans and we have all been cooped up in the house most of the week with cold/allergy symptoms and I wanted to do something fun.

They had people dressed up as 80s movie characters, puppet shows, crafts, face painting, and 80s snacks. It was a fun way to spend a night with my boy. I wish I had known we were doing that when we dressed him in the morning and he would have been wearing something more bright and retro than an Auburn shirt. But oh well we went with it.

Perry got to meet Darth Vader and gave him a high five. He was not all too sure about him and his crazy breathing.

And he colored and put together some Yoda ears. He was really proud of his coloring.

Perry loved listening to the stories and puppet shows. And getting to see Mrs. Betty. His good pal Chuck E was there too...we seem to be running into him everywhere these days...except we haven't ever actually been to Chuck E Cheese.

Other firsts for the night included Perry's first face painting experience (an AU to coordinate with his shirt). 

And seeing some jawas and an ewok in a flight suit. Perry didn't know what to think about them either. He stopped dead in his tracks and stared at them. I am going to have to get more well versed in my Starwars knowledge before P gets older because you could have told me ewoks are supposed to wear flight suits and I would have gone with it. Apparently not though. lol.

We had dinner before we went but P enjoyed his unhealthy 80's style after dinner snack consisting of cheese puffs, Doritos and a fudge round.

Love impromptu, fun outings with my boy.

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