Salt Lake City

Monday, March 30, 2015
I spent most of last week in Salt Lake City for the American College of Medical Genetics annual meeting. It was a fun trip and great to see a few of my favorite genetic counseling girls. Salt Lake City is a beautiful city. It was awesome to look up and see snow capped mountains in the distance.

I stayed at this little historic, boutique hotel called the Peery (not Perry). It was really nice and incredibly affordable compared to all the big chains nearby that jack up their rates for conference attendees. Didn't make it to tour the Mormon temple square, but walked past it a couple times and admired the architecture from afar.

In addition to meetings about genetics, I also had some really important meetings with this little guy. Got to love technology.

Perry was well taken care of by Daddy, Granna and Granddaddy while I was away. He did lots of playing with his cousins and spent two nights at "Camp Granna and Granddaddy." I got lots of updates and sweet pictures of him having an awesome time.

Only a few of my grad school classmates were there, but it was great to see them. Evenings were spent at laboratory sponsored events laughing and catching up on life.

Nearly the whole week was spent in the Salt Palace Convention Center in meetings, but I played hooky one day for a couple hours and went up into the hills by the University for some hiking. I use the word hiking kind of liberally. It was more walking to a pretty place to sit and look out over the amazing views.

I had an abstract accepted for a poster presentation at the meeting. Of course had to take the obligatory, nerdy picture with my poster. It is fun to share experiences and results from our genome sequencing work at HudsonAlpha.

Food was amazing. I ate lots of yummy things. Every morning I would walk or jog over to this cute little blue store front housing an amazing french boulangerie for a latte and a croissant or other baked good. Perfect way to start the day. Made me start getting really excited for our mornings in the real Paris in a few months.


Other favorite treat of the week was a waffle from Bruges, a local Belgian waffle shop. Under the piles of strawberries and chocolate was a yummy and chocolate stuffed waffle. It was incredible. 

Until next year ACMG. I got home Saturday evening and have jumped back into Easter week in full swing. It is going to be another fun week ahead. 

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