Pre-School Cheesing, volume 1

Sunday, April 26, 2015
Last Monday I was dropping P off at school like normal and when I got him out of the car he said he wanted to "say cheese." Well this momma never turns down a kid who wants his picture made so we stopped outside of preschool for a photo. But first he needed his sunglasses. Never mind it was grey and rainy outside. It was 75 and sunny in his mind. Not a bad place for a Monday morning.

Then on Tuesday dropping him off he asked to say cheese again. Thus has begun a little tradition of getting a picture outside of preschool in the mornings when mommy drops him off. Score one for mommy. We will see how long he will let me keep this up. But it is a fun way to capture his cute outfits that he will soon outgrow. I am sure the day is soon approaching that he will neither let me dress him or let me take constant pictures. But until then...say cheese!

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