Easter Saturday

Tuesday, April 7, 2015
We had an awesome Easter Saturday. It started out with an early morning breakfast with Daddy and Aunt T at Cracker Barrel. They surprised P with an awesome Easter basket. He is so loved (and spoiled).

Then it was off to Rivertree for the community egg hunt. Granna and Granddaddy came to visit and watch P hunt eggs too. His age group went first. There were thousands of eggs littering the field. It was less hunting and more trying not to step on and crack the eggs.

Rivertree knows what they are doing and the eggs were all empty (except prize eggs with a slip of paper in them). You turned in your basket full of empty eggs for a prepackaged bag of candy.

Other than the egg hunting, they also had real bunnies to pet, inflatables, photo backgrounds and lots of food.

True story, Perry does not like cotton candy. He wants to like it and he trotted around with it in his hand for a while...but he takes one bite and realizes he doesn't like it. Conveniently mommy does.

P actually wanted to go in the bouncy house so I let him. And that lasted about 2 minutes, until he got knocked over accidentally and wigged out. Then when asked if he wanted to go back in he firmly said "no thank you."

Perry was looking super cute in his blue bunny shortall Saturday. I had picked out his outfit and my coordinating shorts weeks beforehand. You can usually count on Easter being shorts and short sleeved weather in Alabama. Well we had a cold snap and Saturday morning was a wee bit brisk. But we toughed it out and it got progressively warmer. And chasing around a busy toddler by yourself will keep you warm too. Please ignore our pale skin...early spring brings both the introduction of bright colored clothes and pale skin that hasn't seen sunlight all winter. At least we matched on both accounts.

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