Easter Week Fun

Saturday, April 4, 2015
It has been a fun and sweet week around here leading up to Easter this weekend. It has been busy but full of really fun things.

Perry helped stuff a dozen plastic eggs with candy for his class party. He was so meticulous selecting matching or coordinating colors of chocolate bunny wrappers and eggs. And didn't even try to sneak a sample of the chocolate. Good boy.

The weather has been amazing all week long. Which has made for some fun time playing outside. I got this picture texted to me on Wednesday afternoon during playtime with Daddy. I had dressed him all preppy and cute in checked shorts and a Nautica polo. And he just insisted apparently on wearing the camo hat...backwards. Looks like he is having an identity crisis between redneck and preppy. He is cute in anything though. And I love how little kids have no sense of what doesn't match and what is not so cute. 

He and Daddy had a blast playing outside after preschool. And we spent much of Wednesday evening outside too grilling out burgers and dogs and playing.

funny boys:

It isn't Easter week without some good old fashioned egg dying. Ok well yes, it would still be Easter without eggs because it is really all about our Jesus. But we still wanted to have some egg dying fun with P. We kept it simple. $2 kit from Target and a half dozen eggs.

P was quite proud of the finished products. I was quite proud that his white bunny jammies were still white. lol.

Thursday night we met up for dinner out and an egg hunt at the local Barnes and Noble to benefit Autism (since it was both Easter week and autism awareness day). Tons of eggs were hidden all over the store. Perry did awesome at finding eggs. It gave him some good practice for his other hunts the rest of the week. 

They put a cap on how many eggs you were supposed to get at 15. Which we happily abided by. And when he would pick up more than that we would slyly put a few back on shelves for other kids.

Then at the end a sweet bigger kid who was working the event just couldn't turn down that face and dumped a whole bunch of extra eggs into his basket. So we are stocked on candy for the foreseeable future.

Add on top of all that lifegroup, grocery shopping, and finally getting serious about Europe details it has been a busy week. But oh so fun. 

We have also been working on teaching Perry about what Easter is really all about, singing songs and reading stories about Jesus. When you tell P anything about Jesus he always responds with "Jesus loves all the children." Yes P, he does. So much.

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