How two year olds celebrate Easter

Sunday, April 5, 2015
Friday morning was Perry's Easter party and egg hunt at preschool. Andrew was off and I was able to get away from work so we could both be there with him. P was excited to have mommy and daddy there to play.

After some playtime all the kids cleaned up their toys, lined up along the wall and said prayer, and it was time to eat.

They feasted on wraps, goldfish, fruit, cheese and last but not least cookies. It was a table full of toddler cuteness.

Did someone say cookie?!?

Our contribution to the party was some spring fruit

After all their tummies were full, the kids got cleaned up and got ready to hunt some eggs on the playground. In bunny ears.



Perry did an awesome job at finding eggs and putting them in his basket. All the kids kept their bunny ears on the whole time which was super impressive. The teachers had very smartly taped all the eggs shut so their wouldn't be immediate candy consumption. After all the eggs were found, the kids lined up and went back inside for the rest of their day. And all the baskets got lined up in the hall and number of eggs collected equalized between them. At two they will never know the difference.

This was my favorite snapshot from the egg hunt. Perry peering in an unsuspecting little girls bucket. Thankfully he didn't decide to pluck any eggs out when she wasn't looking.

Our sweet boy had the best time at his school party. It is fun getting to be there and watch him in his school element and interacting with his friends.

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