I'm onto you bunny

Thursday, April 2, 2015
When I flew back in from Salt Lake City on Saturday I met up with the boys at the mall for a quick dinner and some Easter wardrobe shopping.

While we were there we paid a visit to the Easter bunny. Perry wanted to feed him my faux carrots I had just bought on sale at Pottery Barn. Why not?

In the grand scheme it wasn't the creepiest Easter bunny I have seen...but none of them are quite normal looking.

Seeing the parade of Easter bunny pictures on social media this week (of which the above photo is one) it made me start thinking about the huge amount of variation out there among Easter bunny characters. There are white ones and brown ones (and who knows what other colors) all wearing different clothes. Do children not get suspicious about this? You go to one place and you have a white bunny in a purple vest and then at the next place the bunny has had a dye job and new clothes? Seriously. 

Then to cap off the first of our Easter festivities we stopped for some egg shaped cookie cake. 

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