Little boy and his bowtie

Thursday, April 16, 2015
Saturday was the BFF's birthday. Adrienne asked if we would join her and Chad for dinner and dessert to celebrate. We said of course but that P would have to come with us. Good think they are pretty smitten with him and were more than happy to have a two year old tag along for the party.

I figured if P was going to be at a fancy adult dinner he ought to dress the part. So baby bowtie it was. He looked so cute and dapper in his tiny vineyard vines neckwear. And he loved it and kept it on all night with no complaint. He was mostly a perfect gentleman the whole night. Maybe that bowtie has special powers because the last resort of watching TV on the iPhone was barely needed.

We started out with dinner at PF Chang's. It was a prom night in Huntsville so there were lots of teenagers all over Bridgestreet in pretty dresses and suits. It made for stellar people watching.

P with the birthday girl

Check out those group selfie skills!

After dinner we walked down to the Melting Pot for dessert fondue. We got two kinds of chocolate between all of us and shared. Well except Chad who was being good and had a salad...which meant more chocolate for the rest of us. Perry was happy to take one for the team and eat his share.

Love these people

It is safe to say that Perry was full of chocolate and wired by the end of the night. It was bedtime but we let him burn off a little energy running (literally running) around Bridgestreet for a while. It was such a fun night of celebration and lots of laughing with sweet friends. Happy Birthday Adrienne! We love you!

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