Ready, Set, Rover

Thursday, April 23, 2015
Last weekend was the annual NASA Lunar Rover Challenge (previously known as the Great Moonbuggy Race). I have so many great memories of volunteering at the races growing up and it's been fun sharing it with Perry the last three years.

P and I had a super early morning on Saturday. Out of the house at 5:45 am early. P was such a trooper and made no complaints about the early wake up. We worked obstacle 8 all morning along with a couple other people. They had the obstacle well staffed because it was a new obstacle this year that required significant maintenance. It was sand and had to be put back together each time a rover raced by.

Perry had the perfect outfit for the day (a hand me down from cousin Ben). I made him repeat "no mud" after me a few times to convince him to stay out of the dirt and his white shirt clean. Which he did for the most part. Pretty sure we all left with a good layer of martian moon dust all over us though.

Obstacle 8 was in a great area of the course where you could see several other obstacles and there was lots of space next to it for us to sit and watch and let kids run around. We found some friends that had come to watch the action too. Jay and his team at work had actually built the obstacle so he came to watch rovers go through it and help keep it in tip top shape.

Perry loved helping shovel the sand. It was like a giant sandbox.

I am also very happy to report that I did not forget to take or apply sunscreen and we avoided a repeat of the great sun incident of moonbuggy races 2013. It was a successful and fun morning all the way around. Perry was so good and didn't complain or misbehave one bit. We were both ready for a good nap come 2 pm though for sure. And a bath.

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