The rest of last weekend

Friday, April 17, 2015
It has taken all week to blog about last weekend. But that is just the way it goes. Helps that there really has not been all that much interesting going on this week for blog material anyway. Other than hosting 125 biology teachers for a two day training session at work that is. Speaking of work, we had a party last Friday to celebrate the millionth download of our iCell app. It has been so neat to watch this app change and develop over the years and watch it gain traction in recognition. To celebrate we had cake. Lots of cake. With an iPad and 3D cell on top because that is how we party.

Friday night was spent at the ball park watching Ben play coach pitch. He did great fielding balls in the outfield and even got to play catcher some. P napped until like 6:30 so we grabbed some CFA take out to eat in the stands. P loved watching the boys "hit the balls" and playing in the stands himself with Kate, Matt and Emily. We taught him to yell "Go Ben!"

Sunday I went down to Birmingham for my sweet friend Meredith's baby shower. She is expecting a little girl in just a little over a month. We are so excited for her and Elliott and can't wait to watch them start the adventure of parenthood. It was so nice to see Mere and catch up with several other DG sisters. 

Other perk of a Birmingham trip is a little bit of shopping at the Summit thrown in before driving home. Got to make the trip worth it right? JK are worth the trip all on your own.

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