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Memorial Day 2015

Thursday, May 28, 2015
I got back from DC just in time to celebrate memorial day. We were all off of work and school and had a whole day to catch up and play.

We started the day with sleeping in and then a family outing to a nearby berry patch to collect some all American produce (strawberries, watermelon, tomatoes) and some homemade ice cream to eat there. Perry was just a little excited about a bucket full of strawberries and more cream. This is his "they are about to let me eat chocolate ice cream" face. haha.

The weather was not great and it poured rain all afternoon. After the rain stopped, and Perry napped, we got together with some friends down by our pool. The rain apparently ran off everyone else in the neighborhood so we had the place to ourselves for the whole night. 

Andrew grilled out steak so we could have steak tacos and others brought sides and desserts. We had quite the spread.

P was looking quite patriotic in his red, white and blue anchor swim suit. He got in the water on the steps and splashed around a little bit. It was still really cold in the water so there was no real swimming that happened. But we had fun just hanging out around the water.

Hadley and Perry were perfectly coordinated in their patriotic wear. Had to get a picture of the two sweet kiddos together.

Pre-school Cheesing: volume 5

Monday, May 25, 2015

Work Hard, Play Hard

Thursday, May 21, 2015
This weekend unfortunately had a heavy dose of (real) work in it for me, but we had some good play time too. Real work, meaning work I get paid to do. With a new genetic counselor coming on board this week at the institute, I just had a lot of things to do and get organized. I am super stoked to have some GC help around there now though.

P went with me Saturday and played in my office while I worked. It worked pretty well. An education outreach office has quite a few things that can pass off as toys. And there was mickey mouse on the iPad. On the way to work we stopped for a breakfast date at Dunkin Doughnuts. Perry asked if he could bring Brown Puppy in to join us. He was really sweet and shared his sprinkle doughnut with his stuffed buddy. I laughed and suddenly felt like I was the third wheel. 

Saturday night we went over to the Garrett's to help celebrate Travis' 30th Birthday. Gina did an awesome job with a "Tools for your 30's" theme. There were tools everywhere, including on the cake. And this amazing sign she made out of tools. 

We were instructed to bring a tool he would need in his 30s in lieu of a gift and there were all sorts of funny things people came up with. For some of us we mistook 30 for really meaning more like 80. lol (hello icy hot, peppermints and an Alzheimer medicine coupon). 

Some people had to leave before we took it upon ourselves to take a group picture, so not everyone is captured. But note to self, stairs are fantastic for group selfies. And getting three babies to look forward at the same time...about 1 out of 10 odds...experience based data right there.

Sunday afternoon P went home with Granna and Grandaddy from church to save him from another day at mommy's work. Which was a huge help to my work load and productivity too. We all ended up over at their house for dinner and Grandaddy grilled out steaks, burgers and shrimp. It was yummy. Perry got in on the grilling action too with his toddler sized grill. And this sweet little memory was made. One of my favorite pictures ever.

From there we came home, cleaned house and got ready for the week ahead. Whew. I am a little tired just recapping all of it. It was a fun weekend though with family and friends.

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pre-school Cheesing, volume 4

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

First last day of school

Sunday, May 17, 2015
Friday was the last day of the school year at Mayfair. Which officially marked Perry's first last day of school. Now in reality he will be in his same class all summer so it doesn't end for him.

He has grown up so much this year. He has changed from a toddler to a full fledged pre-schooler it seems. He has so much fun at school and is learning so much.

But Mayfair had a big picnic and party to celebrate. It was a big day for the big kids like cousin Kate who had her last day at Mayfair and is going on to big elementary school in the fall.

We showed up with a sack lunch (aka...take out from Five Guys) for P and hung out with him while he ate and played. He took a few bites of food...there was just too much else to do to take time to eat.

They had a moon bounce that each class took turns jumping in earlier in the day. I hear from the teachers that P liked it when it was just his sweet little class in there. Much more tame. He wouldn't go near it with the bigger kids going crazy inside. The weather held off just long enough for the party to happen out doors.

Ms. Norma and Ms. Lori were manning a sno cone machine of which Perry was a frequent visitor. He wanted blue. We cut him off after he had two of them. But we had to watch him because if we weren't watching he would go sneak back in line for more. And they would have given them to him...cause who can say no to that cute face asking for more.

P played and played. It was fun watching him play with his friends and the playground he tromps around on every day. He gave Ms. Patty a hug and said "see you in a week." Thankful that Ms. Patty days get to continue through the summer. 

It's been a fun year at MCDC!

Baby "Shower"

Friday, May 15, 2015
We have been partying a lot lately. Not that I am complaining about that at all. I have had my fill of cupcake making for this century though. Monday we threw a baby shower at work for my sweet co-worker and friend Breanna and her husband David. They are expecting their first, a little boy to be named Brantley, in August.

We themed the baby shower on a rain "shower." Clever huh? We had all sorts of fun planning food and decorations playing off of clouds and raindrops. It worked even more perfectly because David is a hobby meteorologist. So we had to make sure to use terms like cumulus and stratus appropriately when coming up with cute names for foods. Which meant I had to google it...because let's face it my elementary teaching of cloud types left my brain a long time ago.

We had everyone sign the inside of a "Little Cloud" book by Eric Carle as a guestbook. And had stacks of little diapers and colorful sharpies for people's decorating pleasure. I know from experience how a funny (or sweet) message on a diaper can brighten those midnight diaper changes. Our team got a lot of laughs reading through all of them after the party had wrapped.

The food table and drink station turned out super cute.  We had cupcakes and cookies, cheese and crackers, a fruit rainbow, and popcorn. I can take credit for the box mix cupcakes and jarred icing but not the cookies. Those were all Telah. The little clouds on the cupcakes and straws were made easy peasy by a cloud shaped paper punch. That would have been a royal pain to cut them out one by one.

We played a rousing game of baby "price is right" in which Breanna learned that she thinks baby items cost a lot more than they actually do. And Stacey learned what a nasal aspirator is...and was totally grossed out.

And Breanna and David opened all their presents.

We had so much fun showering them with food, fun and presents. Can't wait to meet baby Brantley in a couple of months! I know he will be just as loved and spoiled around the EO office as Perry has been. But he needs to stay put for a while longer...we aren't ready for B to be on mat leave quite yet.

Congratulations B (and David)!!!

60th Birthday Bash

Thursday, May 14, 2015
Last weekend was full of lots of activity, but the highlight by far was throwing Gary a huge 60th birthday party and getting to celebrate the milestone with him. We had this milestone in the back of our minds for a long time thinking that we would do it up big if we were blessed with the opportunity. A couple of months ago we finally picked a date and Emily and I (and Matt and Andrew) got to planning. Em and me had multiple hush hush planning and pinterest surfing sessions. We went through several different themes, venues and menu options before settling on having a big bash at Rivertree, catering Italian and having a fun but classy gold and black color scheme. And inviting 100+ of our closest family and friends to join in the party.

It was such a fun night. We ate yummy food, played games, took silly pictures at the mock photo booth, sang Happy Birthday, and ate cake.

We had so much fun decorating and turning the church worship center into a birthday dinner venue. The staff at Rivertree were so amazing and went way above and beyond in helping us with the event.

The room ended up coming together really well. The table centerpieces all had photos of Gary through the years strung on string. Each table highlighted a different decade in photographs. This also made it handy to send people to the dinner buffet by just calling out decades in chronological order. We had game sheets all ready to go on the tables for the games we would play after dinner.

Dinner was catered by Tellini's here in town and they were amazing to work with and the food was quite yummy. We had plenty of fetuccini, ziti and spaghetti, bread and salad to go around. And super shout out to Gary's amazing co-worker Tracey who worked her tail off all night long in the lobby so that Emily and I could have more time to enjoy the party.

After dinner we all sang Happy Birthday to Gary, led by his three favorite kiddos...Ben, Kate and Perry. They were so precious up on stage with the microphone singing to their granddaddy.

And then it was cake time! The tiered cake was made by Cakes Etc here in town and it turned out awesome. Just what we asked for. It was carrot cake inside...Gary's request. Then Emily and I made bunches of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes in coordinating baking cups to supplement.

Other evening activities included three games (Gary Trivia, Is This Celebrity Older or Younger than Gary, and Name that Tune from the last 60 Years) with awesome/not so awesome prizes. Each prize had a funny story and memory attached to it. People left with gun targets, partially filled in sudoku books, a charlie brown christmas DVD, and Amish candy. Don't you want to know those stories?!?

We also asked everyone to fill out a little white card with a Happy Birthday wish.

And there was an oh so fun photo booth we set up. Not a real one...but we made a back drop, borrowed tons and tons of props from Matt's aunt, and recruited friends to help "staff it" in shifts to take the pictures. People really embraced the silliness (kids and adults alike) and it created tons of really awesome pictures of all the party guests. Here is just a smattering and tip of the photo booth picture iceberg with us and our people.

It was such a fabulous night. Thank you to everyone who came and helped us celebrate Gary and make the night as special as it could be. Happy 60th Birthday Gary/Dad/Granddaddy! We love you so much! #teamgarycelebrates60

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pre-school Cheesing, volume 3

Last week was teacher appreciation week. We love Perry's preschool so much, all because of the amazing teachers and staff. We were happy to spend the week celebrating them. Each day had a different theme and a different item to bring in for Perry's teachers (school supplies, flowers, drawings, treats and gift cards). One one day P was instructed to wear his two teachers' favorite colors which were purple and mint green. Our red headed boy does not own purple, so the blue and mint green checked shortall had to do.

P was so excited each day to take in the gifts for Ms. Patty and Ms. Alex. They love on him each and every day and he loves them so much.

Mothers Day 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Mothers Day 2015 was a great day. After a really really busy week and weekend, and running on very little rest, I desperately needed some time to sleep and take it slow. When Perry woke up Sunday morning I heard the monitor being turned off as Andrew got up to tend to him. Next thing I knew I was being woken to a breakfast in bed of orange rolls, bacon and juice. And presents. I got some pretty anchor earrings I had been eyeing at the Sweet Pineapple for a while and bath stuff and a sweet hand made card from P.

It was a sweet time of cuddles with my favorite little boy. I am so blessed and thankful I get to be his mommy. We stayed home and watched church online in our jammies which was really nice. Got to love technology. Then we got ready and went to visit all of our local mothers and grandmothers. We went to visit my grandma for a little while, had lunch with the gibson family and then went by for a quick visit with Ann. It was so great to be able to celebrate with all of them even if just for a few minutes. We love all our moms and grandmoms and are so thankful for the role they continue to have in ours and Perry's lives.

The day ended with some pool time with friends. It has been really warm all week which made the pool water half way bearable. The only crazies that got in the water were Travis and P. P didn't love the cold but couldn't resist the ability to play in the pool.

It was a great mother's day. I wanted nothing more than some sleep and time with family.

Early morning graduation road trip

Saturday morning we got up at the crack of dawn, jumped in the car and drove north to the little town of Cleveland, Tennessee to see my sister Caroline graduate from Lee University. It was just beautiful outside. Perfect for an outdoor ceremony. Lee's campus is so pretty. We wound up being very grateful for an early morning graduation given how incredibly hot and sultry it was by the end. I can't even imagine how hot all the professors had to be in their PhD gowns.

We are so proud of Caroline and what she has accomplished at Lee and the woman she has become. We were also happy to finally get to meet her fiancé, Nathan, in person. It was going to be unacceptable to meet him for the first time at their wedding. Looking forward to welcoming him into the family officially in a couple of months.

Congratulations Caroline! We love you!

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