Baby "Shower"

Friday, May 15, 2015
We have been partying a lot lately. Not that I am complaining about that at all. I have had my fill of cupcake making for this century though. Monday we threw a baby shower at work for my sweet co-worker and friend Breanna and her husband David. They are expecting their first, a little boy to be named Brantley, in August.

We themed the baby shower on a rain "shower." Clever huh? We had all sorts of fun planning food and decorations playing off of clouds and raindrops. It worked even more perfectly because David is a hobby meteorologist. So we had to make sure to use terms like cumulus and stratus appropriately when coming up with cute names for foods. Which meant I had to google it...because let's face it my elementary teaching of cloud types left my brain a long time ago.

We had everyone sign the inside of a "Little Cloud" book by Eric Carle as a guestbook. And had stacks of little diapers and colorful sharpies for people's decorating pleasure. I know from experience how a funny (or sweet) message on a diaper can brighten those midnight diaper changes. Our team got a lot of laughs reading through all of them after the party had wrapped.

The food table and drink station turned out super cute.  We had cupcakes and cookies, cheese and crackers, a fruit rainbow, and popcorn. I can take credit for the box mix cupcakes and jarred icing but not the cookies. Those were all Telah. The little clouds on the cupcakes and straws were made easy peasy by a cloud shaped paper punch. That would have been a royal pain to cut them out one by one.

We played a rousing game of baby "price is right" in which Breanna learned that she thinks baby items cost a lot more than they actually do. And Stacey learned what a nasal aspirator is...and was totally grossed out.

And Breanna and David opened all their presents.

We had so much fun showering them with food, fun and presents. Can't wait to meet baby Brantley in a couple of months! I know he will be just as loved and spoiled around the EO office as Perry has been. But he needs to stay put for a while longer...we aren't ready for B to be on mat leave quite yet.

Congratulations B (and David)!!!

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