First last day of school

Sunday, May 17, 2015
Friday was the last day of the school year at Mayfair. Which officially marked Perry's first last day of school. Now in reality he will be in his same class all summer so it doesn't end for him.

He has grown up so much this year. He has changed from a toddler to a full fledged pre-schooler it seems. He has so much fun at school and is learning so much.

But Mayfair had a big picnic and party to celebrate. It was a big day for the big kids like cousin Kate who had her last day at Mayfair and is going on to big elementary school in the fall.

We showed up with a sack lunch (aka...take out from Five Guys) for P and hung out with him while he ate and played. He took a few bites of food...there was just too much else to do to take time to eat.

They had a moon bounce that each class took turns jumping in earlier in the day. I hear from the teachers that P liked it when it was just his sweet little class in there. Much more tame. He wouldn't go near it with the bigger kids going crazy inside. The weather held off just long enough for the party to happen out doors.

Ms. Norma and Ms. Lori were manning a sno cone machine of which Perry was a frequent visitor. He wanted blue. We cut him off after he had two of them. But we had to watch him because if we weren't watching he would go sneak back in line for more. And they would have given them to him...cause who can say no to that cute face asking for more.

P played and played. It was fun watching him play with his friends and the playground he tromps around on every day. He gave Ms. Patty a hug and said "see you in a week." Thankful that Ms. Patty days get to continue through the summer. 

It's been a fun year at MCDC!

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