First Preschool Music Program

Sunday, May 10, 2015
Last Sunday was a big was Perry's first school performance. Mayfair has an end of the school program where all the kiddos show off the songs and verses they have been learning this year. Even the littlest of students got to participate.

This precious cohort of 2 year olds did great singing and signing and just standing in place. One of Perry's friends in the font row cried the whole way through bless his heart.

Pictures just don't do it justice. There is a video over on my instagram if you haven't seen it.

Grandma got to come and watch which was really special.

Kate is in pre-K at Mayfair this year so her and Perry both got to perform. We will miss seeing her next year as she goes off to big girl school.

The school year is wrapping up for a lot of kids. We celebrated Teacher Appreciation week last week and have the end of the school year picnic to look forward to this week. Perry however will be staying at Mayfair this summer with Ms. Patty and many of his friends so the fun will keep on going.

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