How to look like a tourist in DC

Friday, May 1, 2015
1. Walk around the mall (and up the multitude of stairs of the Lincoln Memorial) with carry-on rolling luggage.

2. This is after you have asked a person in a Metro station if there are any options for storing bags. To which we were laughed at made to feel like fools given the location we were in. Of course you cannot leave a bag unattended in the nation's capitol. But leave it to two southerners to try.

3. Take selfies in front of national landmarks. Lots of selfies.

I spent the first half of this week at a NIH grant meeting in Bethesda, MD. For the duration of the meeting we only left our hotel for dinner one evening. That was a lot of indoors. So when the meeting wrapped at 2 pm on Wednesday and our flight out of DCA wasn't scheduled until 7:30, a co-worker Kevin and I hopped the first Metro to downtown DC and did some exploring out in the pretty sunshine. We had our luggage so we didn't wander too far but we got to see some of the highlights.

It was a beautiful day. We sat on the top steps of the Lincoln Memorial for a long time just gazing at that view and doing some top notch people watching. And resting from carrying our luggage up all those stairs. I can't wait to be back in actual DC for a meeting next month so I can see and do a little more.

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