Mothers Day 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Mothers Day 2015 was a great day. After a really really busy week and weekend, and running on very little rest, I desperately needed some time to sleep and take it slow. When Perry woke up Sunday morning I heard the monitor being turned off as Andrew got up to tend to him. Next thing I knew I was being woken to a breakfast in bed of orange rolls, bacon and juice. And presents. I got some pretty anchor earrings I had been eyeing at the Sweet Pineapple for a while and bath stuff and a sweet hand made card from P.

It was a sweet time of cuddles with my favorite little boy. I am so blessed and thankful I get to be his mommy. We stayed home and watched church online in our jammies which was really nice. Got to love technology. Then we got ready and went to visit all of our local mothers and grandmothers. We went to visit my grandma for a little while, had lunch with the gibson family and then went by for a quick visit with Ann. It was so great to be able to celebrate with all of them even if just for a few minutes. We love all our moms and grandmoms and are so thankful for the role they continue to have in ours and Perry's lives.

The day ended with some pool time with friends. It has been really warm all week which made the pool water half way bearable. The only crazies that got in the water were Travis and P. P didn't love the cold but couldn't resist the ability to play in the pool.

It was a great mother's day. I wanted nothing more than some sleep and time with family.

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