Pre-school Cheesing, volume 2

Sunday, May 3, 2015
Here is last week's installment of pre-school "say cheese" moments. Mommy was out of town for a few days last week, so Daddy got to take over the photographer duties for the sake of this post and for the sake of a mommy states away that wanted to see her boy.

Monday P was not at school at all. We let him stay home because he had not been feeling great last weekend. Since he was going to be around the house and not playing in mud, we let him wear this navy shortall that Mema made for Andrew as a little boy. Love vintage handmade clothes.

The rest of the week it was back to the playground routine, and play clothes. And a lot of green apparently.

We have had a crazy busy weekend filled with Andrew's birthday, baseball, party planning and a preschool music performance. It is that time of year where it is hard to keep track of all the activities. Lots more on the weekend to come. For now, it is bedtime so we can take on another week.

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