Why Hello Again, DC

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
I spent the greater part of last week in DC for a NIH grant meeting. Unlike the grant meeting I was at a month ago, this time we were actually in DC, not nearby Bethesda. Which made the time we weren't sitting in meetings much more fun since our hotel was just maybe 4 blocks from the mall.

At the meeting our team led several breakout sessions including a talk all about using authentic data sets in serious game development and shared the progress we made during year 4 of our grant. We are really happy with the product we have developed and it is so fun to share it with others.

On the home front P was of course loved on by Andrew and grandparents but also a sweet college girl from church. I loved getting daily pictures and an "I love you mommy" video (thanks Anna Grace) and this FaceTime serenade of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

DC days were spent in meetings and nights were spent eating really good food. We had a couple of daylight hours the first and last day to do some Smithsonian hopping. I got the whirlwind tour of the Museums of Natural History and American History and the Archives building. And got my rear out of bed early one morning for a run with Adam down the mall to the Jefferson Monument. That was a bucket list run.

Just a public service announcement in case you were hoping to visit the Smithsonian and take bunches of pictures of yourself with all the exhibits you will be sad to know that unfortunately no selfie sticks are allowed. lol.

Big cities mean fancy restaurants and we ate at some really amazing places including Tosca and 701 which were right around where our hotel was. 

At 701, I was convinced to try Foie Gras for the fist time at Neil's encouragement. I swallowed it but did not go back for a second bite. Goose liver, even good stuff cooked well, is not for everyone it seems. We also had an amazing lunch one day at the American Indian Museum that afforded an opportunity to eat buffalo for the first time. It went better than the Foie Gras and I ate more than one bite.

The highlight of my DC culinary experience was Sunday brunch at Central Michel Richard. It was a three course pre fix menu so we had lots of different things to try. Chocolate pan crepes, chicken and waffles, croque madame...it was all spectacular.

It was a good week. Perfect weather, good meetings and conversation and amazing food. It was fun DC - until we meet again.

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