Work Hard, Play Hard

Thursday, May 21, 2015
This weekend unfortunately had a heavy dose of (real) work in it for me, but we had some good play time too. Real work, meaning work I get paid to do. With a new genetic counselor coming on board this week at the institute, I just had a lot of things to do and get organized. I am super stoked to have some GC help around there now though.

P went with me Saturday and played in my office while I worked. It worked pretty well. An education outreach office has quite a few things that can pass off as toys. And there was mickey mouse on the iPad. On the way to work we stopped for a breakfast date at Dunkin Doughnuts. Perry asked if he could bring Brown Puppy in to join us. He was really sweet and shared his sprinkle doughnut with his stuffed buddy. I laughed and suddenly felt like I was the third wheel. 

Saturday night we went over to the Garrett's to help celebrate Travis' 30th Birthday. Gina did an awesome job with a "Tools for your 30's" theme. There were tools everywhere, including on the cake. And this amazing sign she made out of tools. 

We were instructed to bring a tool he would need in his 30s in lieu of a gift and there were all sorts of funny things people came up with. For some of us we mistook 30 for really meaning more like 80. lol (hello icy hot, peppermints and an Alzheimer medicine coupon). 

Some people had to leave before we took it upon ourselves to take a group picture, so not everyone is captured. But note to self, stairs are fantastic for group selfies. And getting three babies to look forward at the same time...about 1 out of 10 odds...experience based data right there.

Sunday afternoon P went home with Granna and Grandaddy from church to save him from another day at mommy's work. Which was a huge help to my work load and productivity too. We all ended up over at their house for dinner and Grandaddy grilled out steaks, burgers and shrimp. It was yummy. Perry got in on the grilling action too with his toddler sized grill. And this sweet little memory was made. One of my favorite pictures ever.

From there we came home, cleaned house and got ready for the week ahead. Whew. I am a little tired just recapping all of it. It was a fun weekend though with family and friends.

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