GC Beach Reunion 2015

Friday, June 19, 2015
The news this week has been all abuzz about sharks attacking people off the coast of North Carolina. Like 6 foot sharks trolling the 2-3 foot deep waters right off the coast. Good thing we were totally blissfully ignorant two weeks ago when me and my grad school girls were splashing in those same waves. Yikes.

For several summers now the UNCG genetic counseling class of 2010 has rendezvous in Ocean Isle Beach, NC for a reunion weekend. It is amazing that still five years after graduation we can get our crazy schedules aligned so that all eight of us can get together. Leave it to a bunch of very type A girls and an online doodle poll. 

I left after work on Thursday and drove to Atlanta where I met up with Kristen, and Alexis who had flown in, for the night. Then on Friday we drove up to South Carolina to pick up Whitney and then on to Ocean Isle, NC. Before we left Atlanta though we stopped by Revolution doughnuts for some road trip sustenance. It happened to be national doughnut day and the doughnut shops birthday which meant free little funfetti doughnuts with candles stuck in them.

We rented a house for all of us to stay in. We all had our own beds and a covered front porch with ceiling fans and 8 chairs. It was awesome and just a block from the beach.

Once we all got to town and decided living quarters for the weekend (by drawing names of course in the name of fairness), we headed down for a evening walk on the beach. It was so nice to be back together as a group. 

Days were spent on the beach. Mostly under umbrellas but sneaking out occasionally for some sun and to splash in the (unknowingly shark infested) ocean.

Eight person beach selfie skills, still going strong!

Kristen, Alexis and I went for a run one morning, two miles down the road on pavement, and then walked the two miles back on the beach. 

We got cleaned up each day and went out to dinner. This night we went to a restaurant with the worst food and service I have experienced in a while. It ended with a group written, very truthful yelp review over breakfast on the porch the next morning. The view was pretty amazing though. Good since we were there for about 3.5 hours. lol.

Other festivities of the weekend included celebrating Alexis' upcoming wedding with a bachelorette party, playing silly games, and walking downtown for ice cream.

The weekend ended way to soon and it was Monday morning and time to make the long trip home, via South Carolina and Georgia. Many of the girls will be back together this fall for Alexis' wedding. We are super sad that we already had a trip planned that weekend and are going to have to miss it. Counting down the weeks until the next reunion trip together...maybe Ocean Isle...or maybe the mountains far away from sharks.

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