Sunday Funday

Saturday, June 13, 2015
I am a couple weeks late in getting around to post these pictures. Things have been just a little bit busy around here. And I was gone all last weekend at the beach with my GC girls (more on that later). Sundays are fun days after church most of the time. We chill and nap and play and most Sundays we end the day at the pool with pizza and friends.

A couple Sundays ago now the weather was just spectacular and P and I had absolutely nothing going on after church. So on the way back into the neighborhood we stopped at the pond at the front and went for a little walk.

We walked along the pond and sat on the dock for a little while. And made silly faces. :)

Love that sweet boy and his sweet smile. And would you believe that all those photos were taken with my trusty iPhone? The cameras on those things just keep getting better. It's so nice to not have to carry around the big DSLR most of the time.

The pool water is finally warm enough to swim. I'm sure it is super warm by now. Sweet baby Hadley got to have her first swim experience. Perry was jealous of her little water raft. He kept saying he wanted a turn in Hadley's "boat." But he was happily entertained being carted around in the water and then used as a human beach ball.

Check out that air. P loved it. He kept saying "let's try it again."

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