Teaching Grandma to take a selfie

Sunday, June 14, 2015
A week or two ago now my aunt and cousins from Texas were in town to visit. We stopped by to visit for a night. It's always fun to visit and catch up with them. And see the latest speech and debate the twins are working on.

The other highlight of the night? Teaching grandma to take a selfie. Here is evidence A: Grandma's first selfie.

Perry got some hands on selfie lessons too

Manda and Meleah had just been a part of a world record setting selfie chain at a speech competition the week before. Hence all the selfie talk. The chain broke when an adult couldn't take a selfie within a minute time frame. We were laughing that anyone could take a selfie in a minute. And then in trying to teach Grandma we changed our tune a little. It was a challenge. lol. But she did it!

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