Tutus and Baseball

Thursday, June 11, 2015
We love getting to watch our awesome niece and nephew grow up and participate in their various activities. We try to take full advantage of it now before Perry starts having activities of his own.

Last week we got to see Kate in her end of the year dance recital and Ben in his end of the season baseball tournament. They both did awesome!

Kate danced to every little girl's favorite: "Let It Go!" Fortunately she was in one of the first few acts so we were not there all night. After she danced we met up with her in the lobby to give her some pink flowers Perry picked out earlier that day.

Ben's team won the first game of the post season tournament. They did awesome and worked together really well. You could tell they got really tired towards the end of the next game. It was super hot and finally feeling like summer in the south. 

Perry's ball park attention span is not huge. And either is Kate's. They had a good time playing with polly pockets together in the stand. 

P was looking super cool in his summer shades. And sunscreen. Lots of sunscreen.

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