Weekend Downtown

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
We pretty much lived downtown this weekend. Between strolling the Greene Street Farmers Market Thursday night, playing before the movie in the park Friday night and a concert in the park Saturday night, we had a great time in our hometown. Huntsville has done a lot to revitalize downtown and it shows. 

It is that point in the summer when the middle of the day is just sweltering but after the sun goes down it is down right pleasant in the shade. 

P and I shared a dinner of popcorn and (decaf) tea Friday night. Not the most nutritious mommy moment but that's ok. 

We didn't actually stay for the movie because it started at P's bedtime and it started to sprinkle rain a little. Perry had a great time playing on our picnic mat and the activities the YMCA had set up (cornhole, bubbles, hoola hoops, hopskotch, etc).

Saturday we went back down town and dined on food trucks (tacos, nachos and a hot dog coming right up) for supper. We sat by the water and listened to the concert in the park while we ate and watched the ducks and fish swim by. Once we finished eating we walked up to the square and did the putt putt course that has been stood up by local business for the next couple weeks.

The different themed putting greens were super creative and fun. If you haven't been yet, you should totally stop by for a courthouse square scroll and putt. We brought Perrys little putter and balls but they definitely had some out for people to borrow and use.

I love the RocketCityMom website so much. I often will pop on there to see the calendar and see what is happening around the city that day, week and month. Like Friday when I saw the movie in the park on the calendar while I was going to pick up P and thought "sure, why not." 

It was a fun weekend feeling hip in our city. Thanks Huntsville!

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