You had me at 'smores

Monday, June 1, 2015
Saturday morning we were sitting at the ballpark and I got a text from Travis that said "want to come over tonight for burgers and 'smores?"

My response: "OMG Yes!"

There are few (edible) things on this earth I love more than a fire toasted 'smore.

The Garretts, Hollenbecks and us all got together Saturday night for burgers, a fire, and some hang out time. When we sat down to eat all was well weather wise, but then it started to rain just as we were about to light up the fire pit. The auburn softball team was playing in the college world series on TV so we sat and watched them play (and eventually beat) UCLA while we watched it rain. War Eagle! Thankfully it didn't rain hard or long so we still got to go out and roast our marshmallows and make our 'smores. And we were happy campers. Sorry, bad pun.

Perry loves the idea of toasting marshmallows. And is much more of a pyromaniac this year than he was last year when he backed away from fire saying "hot! hot!" This year he is sticking sticks in it. He doesn't so much want to eat the finished product of a 'smore. He is much more of a "just give me some of that chocolate bar" kinda guy.

Hadley however thought a toasted marshmallow looked just too good to resist... 

...and while all the girls were distracted saying cheese for the camera, this happened:

She got a fist full of gooey marshmallow. Several baby wipes later, we got her all cleaned off and tried that picture again. This time without a marshmallow temptation.

Love these sweet friends so much and fun, impromptu summer gatherings!

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