Holy water wings, Batman

Saturday, July 18, 2015
Last Sunday we did our traditional Sunday summer night ritual of pizza and pool time.

It was also our 7 year anniversary. And I can't go without posting a picture of the pretty flowers I had waiting on me when I got home from my work trip last week. Each year I get a bouquet of flowers that mimic my wedding bouquet. The florist really out did himself this year with the biggest hot pink roses I think I have ever laid eyes on. Happy 7 years, Andrew!

For our anniversary we celebrated playing at the pool with Perry. Which was perfect. We had a chance to break out a batman swim shirt we bought for him when he was just an infant. But I remember it was on sale at Gap Kids, and we just thought it was the cutest thing ever with its hood and ears. We have been anxiously awaiting the day when it would fit and we could take these pictures. Such a cute little swimmer batman!

We also let Perry try out a new pair of water wings. And oh my goodness did they revolutionize pool time for him, and us. He was suspicious of them at first and wanted to take them off immediately. But with some coaxing, he give it a go and within a minute was swimming around the pool by himself and had forgotten he had these weird blow up things on his arms. Now we stayed super close by, but he loved his new freedom of being able to move about on his own. He seems to take to the idea of swimming and kicking pretty well and doesn't really mind some splashes in his eyes and mouth here and there. He had a great time playing and jumping off the side to us.

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