Kiddie Carnival

Thursday, July 16, 2015
Last Saturday literally as soon as I flew back in town and rendezvoused with Perry and Andrew, we piled in the car and headed out to Athens to the Kiddie Carnival sponsored by the local Lions Club.

I had heard good things about the event. That it was super cheap and super sweet, with really low profile rides perfect for toddlers and little kids. I would agree it was all of those things (especially the cheap one) and it was a fun place to explore and play for an evening, but it did not knock our socks off. All but a couple of the rides were still a little too big for P so it may be more fun in a couple more years probably.

We had a good and inexpensive dinner of hot dogs and fries and then went to ride the cars. P loved the cars. He did great sitting still and "driving" his car around and around.

After the cars he said he wanted to take a spin on the tiny choo choo train that was being driven by what looked like a giant (compared to the tiny train) around a track. So we put him on and off they went. Unfortunately the downfall was that it was dark by this time and when the train went through a shed, it got very dark. So Perry emerged from the shed on the train in tears. So much that they stopped the train and pulled him off. Poor thing. When he found his way back to our arms he was able to articulate "It was dark. It scared me." Bless.

Once that happened he was pretty much done and had no real interest in going back on the cars or anything else. He wasn't too freaked out for ice cream though. So we sat and ate another snack before heading back to home. It was a fun family play night.

The carnival continues through July on weekend nights. Tickets to ride things are a mere 50 cents which is awesome. And you can use your tickets for 50 cents at the concession stand too...which came in handy when we didn't need a ride we needed ice cream at the end.

PS - Athens is about as far away as you can get from Hampton Cove and still feel like you are somewhat driving locally.  I always forget how it is the polar opposite direction. Did Perry fall asleep on the long drive home? No way. He sat there and jabbered the whole drive. Needlesstosay P was a little late to bed that night. Oops. But worth it.

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