Water camera fun

Wednesday, July 29, 2015
We remembered to take the underwater camera to the pool Sunday for our weekly pizza and pool party with friends. Kids these days are growing up a whole new level of "digital native." I let Perry hold the camera while we drove down the road to the pool and in that 2 minute drive he figured out how to turn the thing on and take a picture. Now granted his finger was in front of the lens for all the photos he was taking, but he was taking them nonetheless. 

I convinced P to share the camera with mommy for a little while to actually get some pictures of our boy playing in the water. 

Travis and the Caudles came and played with us. It rained right before we met up which ran off everyone else from the pool so we had the place to ourselves mostly. The water is so warm now. There was visible steam coming off the water after the rain came through and cooled the air down outside.

Air Perry!!!!

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