Week in Wisconsin

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Sorry for the hiatus in blogging. My word it has been busy around here. And I have been at home all of one out of the last four weeks with the big trip to Europe (which I promise will be blogged eventually...2000 pictures is a lot to handle) and a work trip this past week in Wisconsin.

Hopefully things will calm down a little now and we can get back into a normal fun summer routine here.

Wisconsin was great. This was for the Games Learning Society conference which we scouted out last year. This year we had a much bigger presence and set up our game Touching Triton in the showcase. We learned a lot and made some really good connections and got good feedback from others on what we have been doing in our serious game development.

Wisconsin weather in the summer is just spectacular. The Univeristy there in Madison is right on Lake Mendota which made for some pretty awesome views walking around. Don't think I would feel the same way in January.

but I could just sit right there for a spell

the views and weather were perfect for a little run too

hello DG house
And there was lots of yummy food and lots of cheese consumed because well it was Wisconsin. And I love cheese.

Yes, top left is a selection of diverse (and very not traditional) deviled eggs. One was soaked in soy sauce, another deep fried. Go figure you have to go to the north to get a deep fried deviled egg. Middle right was a table built right into the side of a cow statue. Got to love the randomness of college towns.

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