First Day of School 2015

Sunday, August 9, 2015
And just like that the summer is over and the 2015-2016 school year has begun.  Perry is at Mayfair again this year but has graduated to the "big twos" class with Ms. Janice and Ms. Linda. He has also graduated from his red fox backpack he sported all last year to a new blue dinosaur!

The night before the first day we got all his supplies gathered, packed his backpack and made a little treat jar for his teacher. His jammies even matched his new backpack and nap mat.

Tuesday morning was the big day and we had to stop and take some pictures on the front porch before heading off to school. I can't get over how big P looks this year.

P was excited to go into school and see his friends and new teacher. He was not such a big fan of mom leaving. Transitions are a little tough. But I am sure that he was fine once he got to playing with his old friends that all moved up with him.

We just love Mayfair and are excited to see what the new school year will have in store and what all Perry will learn and the good times he will have. They love our babies and show them Jesus' love so well.

Apparently P hasn't grown too much in size in a year because his first day outfit from last year still fit so he wore it on Wednesday. It made for a sweet comparison of Perry August 2014 and Perry August 2015. He has lost that baby looking face, but has the same sweet smile. I didn't realize how much his hair has lightened up until I saw these two pictures side by side. All that summer sunlight.

Here's to a great new school year!

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