Life lessons at the paint store

Friday, August 28, 2015
We just had nearly our whole house painted so we have ended up at Sherwin Williams multiple times in the past few weeks. We have always had a good experience at that place. But Perry and I had one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had at a Huntsville Sherwin Williams last week and I just have to brag a minute.

This sweet guy, Anthony, made our very not shy and inquisitive little boy feel so special. Perry listened intently as he explained each step of the paint mixing process and he patiently answered the multiple "what are you doing" questions. P was even put to work helping haul the paint cans across the store. And when P wanted to give up, and said "it's too heavy," the sweet man encouraged him with a "nah man, I know you can do it." And you know what? P could do it. With a little encouragement he carried a full gallon of paint across the store. How's that for some work ethic building. Right in the aisles of the Sherwin Williams. 
I love when mundane errands turn into bright spots in the day.

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