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Saturday, August 22, 2015
It has been a few days since I have had any spare time at all to turn on the computer at home and blog. This week has been just crazy with work and play.

As I look back at my camera roll since the last time I blogged I realize why I have had no time. We have been busy having lots of fun. So this is just going to be a kind of random catch up post with photos from the last week or so.

Granna wanted to go to Outback to celebrate her (big) birthday with the family. It was a really nice night despite having to wait too long to be seated and some service issues. And best part is they have invited us back for Granna birthday dinner round 2 on the house.

These three kiddos love their Granna so much!

A couple weeks back I got a tip off from a very athletic coworker that she was going to be participating in a triathalon in hampton cove that benefited college scholarships...which meant that Aubie and Big Al were going to be there to cheer. Well you had us at the word Aubie and Perry and I went on an Aubie hunt that morning and crashed the triathalon. It was about 1000 degrees outside. I have no idea how that poor "friend of Aubie" survived in there. Perry wasn't so sure about's a little out of context to see our favorite tiger friend walking the streets of Hampton Cove instead of the plains. But we succeeded in getting our photo taken and giving Aubie a hug (with a little bit of bribing) and said we will see you soon. 

Last Friday night we went downtown to watch the movie Despicable Me in the park. Since movies outdoors cannot start until sun down we knew we would not make it through the whole thing. We made it through about 30 minutes probably. But we had fun grabbing some popcorn and drinks and hanging out in the park on the blanket and chatting with friends. 

The GenomeKicks are getting better. We scored 7 whole runs this week. Or maybe the team we were playing just wasn't as good. Regardless, we had a fun kickball game Thursday night. But should probably keep our day jobs. Andrew and Perry came to cheer us on for a little while. P loves it at the kickball field. Pretty sure he thinks he is a member of team and just any second it is going to be his turn to kick.

It is a crazy busy season at HudsonAlpha with lots of changes and new initiatives getting started, most of which have major involvement of genetic counseling. We find ourselves in lots of interesting and varied meetings each week from interior design picking out tables and chairs for the new clinic, putting on hard hats and touring the clinic construction zone, and writing video scripts for educational videos explaining hereditary cancer. Never a dull day. 

We are excited that Dr. Bick our incoming medical geneticist has made the physical transition to Huntsville and can be live on the ground for discussions and planning. It was fun to all get to done hard hats and tour the clinic space we will be seeing patients in in just a few months. We have construction crews working overtime getting it all done and it is amazing what they can accomplish from one week to the next.

There is just a few of the things that have been happening in our family's life the past couple of weeks. On top of that we had almost our entire house painted this week (good riddance mannila tan, hello gray), have built-ins for Perry's new closet and the laundry room getting made, and are busy getting prepped for a big vacation next month. Oh...speaking of...check out our little buccaneer who is all set for pirate night on the high seas.

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