Seven hundred twenty seven thousand, two hundred and seventy

Thursday, August 27, 2015
Last week was the annual Education Outreach team planning entrench (previously known as retreat). We spent the week looking ahead to the next 12-18 months and making plans. We also spend a little time at the beginning reflecting on the past year in EO, and filling our year's bead jar. One bead for every person impacted by a HudsonAlpha educational program. Each year the color of the beads and the final tally number is a mystery until the bead ceremony.

This year's number? 727,270. Good golly that is a lot of people. I posted a picture on social media last week and said that this is why we do what we do every day. And why we are so tired. And that is the truth.

Breanna is out on maternity leave with sweet baby Brantley. So she and the newest addition to the EO team attended the bead ceremony on the big screen via the wonders of technology and google hangouts. She, one of the few bama fans in our group, was quite smitten with the red bead color. Have it be known that both orange and blue have already been done. :)

Following entrench, the new jar found it's home along the credenza with the jars from the past 5 years. We have come a long way since that blue jar on the left full of 22,000 beads.

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