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Throwback Thursday: grad school edition

Thursday, September 24, 2015
In honor of Alexis getting married this weekend, I went digging and pulled some old grad school memories from the recesses of Facebook. I hate that we can't be there in person to celebrate with Alexis and John and the others. Love these people so much. Looking back at pictures like these make me realize how young we all looked 5-7 years ago...and how much better digital photography has gotten in that same amount of time.

Express Coming Through!

Monday, September 21, 2015
Last Saturday morning we went out to the North Alabama Railroad Museum for ride on the North Alabamian. We actually had free tickets due to a little miscommunication related to Perry's birthday party there way back in January. So we had been waiting for this day for quite some time.

We were just a little excited about the weekend and trains!

Grandparents Day

Saturday, September 19, 2015
Last Friday was Grandparents Day at Mayfair. Granna and Granddaddy were able to go hang out with P for a little while and have snack. I got some glimpses of the festivities from the photos they took and sent. I know P loved having his Granna and Granddaddy with him at school. They are some of the best grandparents on the planet!

Five for Friday

Friday, September 18, 2015
In the spirit of vacation prep, I was dumping all the pictures off my phone earlier tonight. To make room for thousands of new memories and pictures. Whenever you do that you find a smorgasbord of pictures that kind of just got buried and lost in the shuffle. So here are five very random and not at all related things that have happened around here lately.

1. Whitley passed boards(!!!!!) and is now an MS, CGC. Good thing...because we have too much stuff coming down the pike at work to be spending any more time studying.  :) Seriously so happy for her. We celebrated with cupcakes. Which turned into a game of scrabble with the cupcake letters through the day.

2. The mayor came out to HudsonAlpha and kicked off the annual Healthy Huntsville initiative by leading a group 2 mile walk around our double helix park. Nice to get outside for a little bit.

3. We went downtown for a Thursday night tailgate party for the first night of college football. And HudsonAlpha now has three really strong football fan bases in our building with the influx of Wisconsin folks. The badgers had a lot of extra fans dressed in orange that first weekend off football though given they were playing Alabama. 

4. Having a Steele City Pops in Huntsville and close to work makes for an amazing little treat when you just need a break from your desk for a few minutes. Mmmmm...frozen sweet tea.

5. Last Friday we had a little impromptu family date night at the Melting Pot. It was a fun way to kick off our weekend, and how can you go wrong with melted cheese and chocolate. They even had a complementary magician that was coming around to the tables doing card tricks. I love that P is so good in restaurants and lets us do epically long dinners out, and doesn't necessitate technology to keep him entertained. 

Drive In Movie Night

Sunday, September 13, 2015
Last weekend we made a big check mark on our summer bucket list: we went to a drive in movie. Actually we did one better than that. We made our own drive in movie.

The whole shebang got started a few weeks ago at church while our lifegroup was hanging out brewing coffee together at the early service. We realized that with Jay's projector we could easily set up an outdoor movie projected up on a garage door. From there us girls went straight to our good friend Pinterest and saw the cutest idea to make the kids some cars out of cardboard boxes for the drive in. And we were hooked.

We decided to watch Dispicable Me 2 since no one had seen it and it would be entertaining for adults and kids alike. All in all the evening was super easy to throw together. We grilled hot dogs and popped popcorn and had all sorts of toppings and candy to go with it. Not exactly healthy but oh so yummy. Our local publix had these super cute disposable popcorn containers and the marquee "movie" letters were on super clearance at target last week. I sat there playing around with the letters that were left on the clearance rack for an embarrassing amount of time trying to make a word that would work. There was no "I" but I was resourceful and improvised.

It was a great night with friends. The weather was that perfect late summer/early fall temperature where you just want to live outdoors. Perry and Hadley looked super cute in their new rides. I don't think Reagan and I need to give up our day jobs to do car body work. lol. There were some major quality issues with steering wheels and tail lights falling off.

The Smiths came and brought with them their little moon bounce which the kids loved jumping on and around. The kiddos all looked super cute in their yellow (totally a coincidence).

It finally got dark enough and the movie was queued up. All the kids made it through the whole movie. The constant supply of popcorn and candy might have had something to do with that. 

We ended up using the drive way because it gave a flat place to sit and the garage doors made a great projection screen.

For what ended up looking like a totally legit party, it was all so easy to just pop up and take down. It was a super fun night with some of our favorite people and I can't wait to do it again soon. I see college football projections in our future maybe.

War Eagle, Hey!

Friday, September 11, 2015
We are so excited that football season is back! That means Saturdays are spent largely in front of a screen with friends and eating ridiculous amounts of really yummy food.

P wore orange and blue all week last week, but saved his jersey (or as he calls it, his "number 1 shirt") for Saturday. He makes such a cute little Auburn fan. Like I mentioned before we went over to Grandma's first thing that morning to celebrate her birthday. While we were there we had her take some pictures of us all gussied up in our orange and blue.

Travis and Adrienne and Chad came over to watch the game which kicked off mid afternoon and then Andrew and Gina joined when they got off work. We had quite the spread of food and just grazed all afternoon and evening. P napped through some of the game, but we woke him up just in time to see Auburn win their first game of the season. It was not a pretty game, but we got the win and that is all that matters.

Folks stayed over late into the night as we sat and watched other games. Watching other teams play after you have won is so much less stressful. It was a great way to kick off the 2015 football season. Fingers crossed for another win tomorrow...and hopefully in a much more impressive fashion.

War Eagle, Hey!

Pre-School Cheesing: volume eleven (war eagle edition)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015
Football season is here! We celebrated by wearing orange and blue. All. Week. Long. And P got a much needed haircut Thursday afternoon (see bottom middle for exhibit A).

Happy Birthday Grandma

Monday, September 7, 2015
In addition to game day and labor day, we had another really important reason to celebrate this weekend. Yesterday was Grandma's birthday.

Perry and I (A had to work) picked up some breakfast sandwiches and doughnuts and went over to celebrate with her over brunch.

It was a sweet visit time. It was Auburn game day so P was decked out in his jersey and we brought grandma an orange and blue decorated birthday cake. P was quite happy to help blow out the candles and partake in the cake eating.

We spent a few hours eating and playing and running around outside. We also diagnosed an air conditioner problem over there (not what you want in the heat of summer), but thankfully before we left her air man had been there, really diagnosed the problem, fixed it and the house was cooling.

We headed home early afternoon to get set for Auburn kick off (and nap time for a certain sugar filled toddler).

Happy Birthday Grandam! So happy we got to celebrate with you on your day! Love you!

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wedding bells are ringing

Tuesday, September 1, 2015
Last weekends other big festivity was Lacy and Richard's wedding. They got married out on a Mennonite farm in Guntersville. Not because they are Mennonite. Just because it was a pretty venue and had the rustic farm ambiance they were going for. The lifegroup loaded up and headed out to the country for a night of festivity. It was beautiful out there. 

P was looking dashing in his linen suit and bowtie. The gray clouds and wind started rolling in right as the ceremony was getting started. A few big rain drops splashed down, but it never did rain. It threatened a lot though and so Ross did the abbreviated version of a wedding...focusing just on the critical features. I do's, vows, kiss, done. 

A lady sitting in front of us took pity on the small children and passed back an umbrella she had brought for us to huddle under. We really thought at any second the sky would open up and we would all get soaked.

Thankfully the clouds skirted by without dumping water on us. We all headed inside the reception cabin/barn for dinner and cake while the wedding party took a few pictures. While we ate our fill of bbq stuffed potatoes the storms did roll in in a big way. We watched it pour rain, thunder and lightning outside, from the warm dry indoors. 

It was a fun night out with our sweet lifegroup friends. We had to get a picture of all the lifegroup babies together looking all fancy.

And the whole gang. Except Jay who was home fighting with a pesky broken water pipe problem. Then about 10 minutes after that group picture was taken the lights flickered and went out. For good. Must say that is a first at a wedding. Fortunately dinner and cake had happened and what we were down to was music. So the first dances happened by the flicker of candles and the poor keyboard player looked on helpless. It was sweet though. 

And no matter what the electricity status was at the end. Lacy and Richard are officially married and we are so happy for them!

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