Drive In Movie Night

Sunday, September 13, 2015
Last weekend we made a big check mark on our summer bucket list: we went to a drive in movie. Actually we did one better than that. We made our own drive in movie.

The whole shebang got started a few weeks ago at church while our lifegroup was hanging out brewing coffee together at the early service. We realized that with Jay's projector we could easily set up an outdoor movie projected up on a garage door. From there us girls went straight to our good friend Pinterest and saw the cutest idea to make the kids some cars out of cardboard boxes for the drive in. And we were hooked.

We decided to watch Dispicable Me 2 since no one had seen it and it would be entertaining for adults and kids alike. All in all the evening was super easy to throw together. We grilled hot dogs and popped popcorn and had all sorts of toppings and candy to go with it. Not exactly healthy but oh so yummy. Our local publix had these super cute disposable popcorn containers and the marquee "movie" letters were on super clearance at target last week. I sat there playing around with the letters that were left on the clearance rack for an embarrassing amount of time trying to make a word that would work. There was no "I" but I was resourceful and improvised.

It was a great night with friends. The weather was that perfect late summer/early fall temperature where you just want to live outdoors. Perry and Hadley looked super cute in their new rides. I don't think Reagan and I need to give up our day jobs to do car body work. lol. There were some major quality issues with steering wheels and tail lights falling off.

The Smiths came and brought with them their little moon bounce which the kids loved jumping on and around. The kiddos all looked super cute in their yellow (totally a coincidence).

It finally got dark enough and the movie was queued up. All the kids made it through the whole movie. The constant supply of popcorn and candy might have had something to do with that. 

We ended up using the drive way because it gave a flat place to sit and the garage doors made a great projection screen.

For what ended up looking like a totally legit party, it was all so easy to just pop up and take down. It was a super fun night with some of our favorite people and I can't wait to do it again soon. I see college football projections in our future maybe.

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