Five for Friday

Friday, September 18, 2015
In the spirit of vacation prep, I was dumping all the pictures off my phone earlier tonight. To make room for thousands of new memories and pictures. Whenever you do that you find a smorgasbord of pictures that kind of just got buried and lost in the shuffle. So here are five very random and not at all related things that have happened around here lately.

1. Whitley passed boards(!!!!!) and is now an MS, CGC. Good thing...because we have too much stuff coming down the pike at work to be spending any more time studying.  :) Seriously so happy for her. We celebrated with cupcakes. Which turned into a game of scrabble with the cupcake letters through the day.

2. The mayor came out to HudsonAlpha and kicked off the annual Healthy Huntsville initiative by leading a group 2 mile walk around our double helix park. Nice to get outside for a little bit.

3. We went downtown for a Thursday night tailgate party for the first night of college football. And HudsonAlpha now has three really strong football fan bases in our building with the influx of Wisconsin folks. The badgers had a lot of extra fans dressed in orange that first weekend off football though given they were playing Alabama. 

4. Having a Steele City Pops in Huntsville and close to work makes for an amazing little treat when you just need a break from your desk for a few minutes. Mmmmm...frozen sweet tea.

5. Last Friday we had a little impromptu family date night at the Melting Pot. It was a fun way to kick off our weekend, and how can you go wrong with melted cheese and chocolate. They even had a complementary magician that was coming around to the tables doing card tricks. I love that P is so good in restaurants and lets us do epically long dinners out, and doesn't necessitate technology to keep him entertained. 

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