Wedding bells are ringing

Tuesday, September 1, 2015
Last weekends other big festivity was Lacy and Richard's wedding. They got married out on a Mennonite farm in Guntersville. Not because they are Mennonite. Just because it was a pretty venue and had the rustic farm ambiance they were going for. The lifegroup loaded up and headed out to the country for a night of festivity. It was beautiful out there. 

P was looking dashing in his linen suit and bowtie. The gray clouds and wind started rolling in right as the ceremony was getting started. A few big rain drops splashed down, but it never did rain. It threatened a lot though and so Ross did the abbreviated version of a wedding...focusing just on the critical features. I do's, vows, kiss, done. 

A lady sitting in front of us took pity on the small children and passed back an umbrella she had brought for us to huddle under. We really thought at any second the sky would open up and we would all get soaked.

Thankfully the clouds skirted by without dumping water on us. We all headed inside the reception cabin/barn for dinner and cake while the wedding party took a few pictures. While we ate our fill of bbq stuffed potatoes the storms did roll in in a big way. We watched it pour rain, thunder and lightning outside, from the warm dry indoors. 

It was a fun night out with our sweet lifegroup friends. We had to get a picture of all the lifegroup babies together looking all fancy.

And the whole gang. Except Jay who was home fighting with a pesky broken water pipe problem. Then about 10 minutes after that group picture was taken the lights flickered and went out. For good. Must say that is a first at a wedding. Fortunately dinner and cake had happened and what we were down to was music. So the first dances happened by the flicker of candles and the poor keyboard player looked on helpless. It was sweet though. 

And no matter what the electricity status was at the end. Lacy and Richard are officially married and we are so happy for them!

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