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Monday, October 12, 2015
Embarkation Day

We flew down to Florida the night before the cruise. Perry is finally big enough for his own seat on the plane which costs more but is certainly nice to have extra space for him to sit and put stuff. He watched TV on the iPad the whole flight and did great. When we got to the Orlando airport there was a gentleman waiting for us with our name on a placard. I scheduled a car service ahead of time to take us to our hotel at the port. It is an hour or so drive so it was nice to be in a comfortable car and it was not all that terribly expensive. And it was a fun way to start the trip feeling fancy.

We stayed the night before the cruise at the Radisson Resort at the Port. I have so many memories from this hotel staying there when I was a kid and my mom was on business trips to Kennedy Space Center. It had the coolest pool to my little childhood self. So it was neat seeing it again, though we had no time to enjoy the pool. The most important thing was that it was a mile or two from the cruise terminal and had a shuttle.

We were on the first shuttle of the day and made it to the cruise terminal well before noon. Getting on board was a breeze and before we knew it we were exploring the ship and sitting down in the Cabanas buffet having meal number one.

While we sat and ate, we were reading over the daily Navigator (schedule and news) and realized that they were in the middle of distributing tickets for some special events (Disney Junior character breakfast, Elsa and Anna meet, and a princess meet). So we promptly put down our forks and headed that way. The tickets were all given out that first afternoon until they ran out. So glad we happened to see it. Note if you are going on a Disney cruise soon - check the day one navigator ASAP.

I will say that overall the daily schedules and navigators were quite different from the ones I pulled offline from a similar cruise last year. I had stalked them ahead of time...because I am OCD...and tried to plan out our days. It was helpful but it was definitely not identical.

The rest of the first afternoon was spent exploring the boat and meeting Goofy and Captain Mickey. As said previously, Perry was all about some Mickey Mouse this trip.

Our rooms were ready early afternoon and we couldn't wait to go unload our carry on bags and see our home away from home for the next week. All cruise ship rooms are on the cozy side, but we had plenty of room and remembered instantly some of the things we love about Disney cruise rooms in divider curtains and two bathrooms. We had a balcony which provided some nice extra space for eating room service breakfast and hanging out while P napped some afternoons. We also immediately hung up our Fish Extender hanger outside our door so our cruise friends could have a place to leave us presents. If that sentence made no sense to you....Fish Extender is this crazy thing people do on Disney cruises where they organize themselves into a sort of "secret santa" group where everyone in the group brings and exchanges small gifts. It is called Fish Extender because the pockets you hang (either DIY or ordered on Etsy) hang from a hook shaped like a Fish outside your door. We were in a small group of only 8 families so it was not too big of a burden and was really fun.

We played a little while in the kids clubs. Perry being 2 years old was still too young for the official kids clubs (which start at 3). But he was totally big enough to enjoy playing in them. So we took advantage of open house times when we could go in and play with him.

We sailed away from port about 5 pm. There is a big sail away party on the pool deck to celebrate complete with songs and dancing characters. Gets you pumped for a fun week ahead.

After we sailed off into the sunset we headed down to dinner in the dining room and met our awesome wait staff for the week. We ended up having pretty sketchy table mates (as in they only came to dinner one night the whole time) so we had the table to ourselves and Perry quickly had the assistant waiter wrapped around his little finger.

The first night ended with story time in the atrium where we learned the history behind the barren pumpkin tree that stood there. If Disney does one thing really well it is telling stories. We helped bring the tree to life and were instructed to watch and see if it would start blooming pumpkins.

If Perry looks a little dazed in those last pictures it was because he was. He got no nap due to all the day's activities and was really ready to head to bed. He was a trooper though, all week when we had to be woken up to go have fun. At one point I woke him up and said we had to get ready and go meet Elsa and which he rolled over and replied "later." You know a kid is tired when that doesn't even entice them (we got him up anyway).

It was a fun first day aboard the Disney Fantasy!

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