Dolphin Cove: Jamaica

Sunday, October 18, 2015
The rest of our Jamaica day was spent at Dolphin Cove. A undeniably tourist driven place where you can interact with Dolphins and lots of other creatures as well as swim, shop, and eat.

Our excursion included a Dolphin meet experience, a guided tour around the grounds and lunch. Our excursion guide for the day was awesome. She was very much a mother hen leading us around and telling us what to do and what not to do. She was careful to keep us from getting taken advantage of (i.e. "repeat after me, do not pay for this until you are given the merchandise").

We didn't swim with the dolphins (P is just a tad young for that), but we got to stand on a platform in knee deep water and touch and get kissed by them. Our dolphin's name was Mitch and he was the lone male of the group. He was big and could jump really high.

We each got turns kissing the dolphin and then watched him do all kinds of tricks.

After the dolphins we went on a little walk along a trail into the woods where we got to meet, and hold, some tropical birds. Perry got a kick out of birds sitting on mom and dad's head and shoulder. Then we got a buffet lunch and had some chill out time on the beach. We met a nice family with two young girls who were pretty smitten by Perry, and the mom was a fellow DG, so we sat and chatted with them a while watching the kids play and hunt for treasure in the sand.

Then it was time to head back to the bus and back to our Mickey boat. Most of the bus passengers (including P) slept the trip back. We had been gone for 7+ hours and were all worn out. And had a big night of pirate partying ahead.

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