Formal Night Fun

Sunday, October 25, 2015
I wanted to share some of our pictures and fun from formal night on the cruise. We love getting dressed up and cruises are a fun excuse. Perry has gotten several other lives out of his ring bearer outfit from Caroline's wedding this summer.

Humans were not the only ones dressed up. The characters were all out in their finest formal wear as well. We met the girls (Minnie and Daisy) all gussied up. And then literally bumped into Pluto while walking around ship. 

Other best thing about formal night? It's the night lobster is on the menu. Which makes this girl pretty happy. And on a cruise ship the waiter does all the work de-shelling it for you...pretty much does everything except actually putting it in your mouth. Winning.

Afterwards we did a little post-dinner dancing. Lots of the characters came and danced as well. Perry loved all the dance parties on board. Every time we walked past D-Lounge he asked if we could go to the "dance party." We had so much fun dancing with our little boy.

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