Halloween on the High Seas

Thursday, October 22, 2015
Across the Disney fleet, cruises in September and October celebrate Halloween on the High Seas. One of the nights everyone (including our favorite Disney character friends) get dressed up in their costumes and party.

A lot of the early evening was spent meeting the characters all dressed up. They were all so cute. While P was napping mommy went wandering around and met Chip and Dale and Jack and Sally.

We decided a long time ago that Perry would be Peter Pan this year. I searched for and ordered a precious Peter Pan costume for him on Etsy. Andrew and I wanted to coordinate so we dressed up as Captain Hook and Mr. Smee respectively.  The costumes were really quite easy to toss together including a DIY Cap'n Hook vest made of a cheap red t-shirt, ribbon and some fabric glue.

It was a day we were in port but we got back on the boat early, so we lucked out and got to meet characters before the crowds showed up for the evening. We met pretty much everyone before dinner.

They had a whole Mousequerade party happening in the atrium all night with trick or treating, games and a dance party. It was fun. But oh so crowded.

The best part of the night though was the moments that followed the photo above. Characters were out dancing and Perry approached super hero Donald. He noticed him and put out his hands and danced with our little guy for a while. It was so cute. I wish blogs had a way to show video...because I was too busy recording it to take photos. When they finished the ditty, the look on Perry's face said "did you see that? I just danced with Donald and this is the best day ever."

Later that night to get away from the crowds we headed up to the top deck outside and played a little putt putt golf in our costumes. It was a great way to end the evening.

Disney knows how to do Halloween. On the High Seas.

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