Hiking Dunns River Falls

Friday, October 16, 2015
The first day of the trip that we got off the boat was in Falmouth, Jamaica. We had never been to Jamaica so it was fun to explore a new place. We definitely wanted an excursion booked through the cruise line to decrease the likelihood of sketchiness and getting lost. After reading all the options we settled on a full day adventure that took us on a bus ride across the island to hike up Dunn's River Falls and then to nearby Dolphin cove for some dolphin kisses and other fun.

It was the best day. First off we had a great guide who told us all about the Island as we drove around. Now we fully expected that when we were at the falls that either myself or Andrew would have to sit out with Perry and watch while everyone else hiked the falls. Perry did not meet the height requirement. But when we asked the tour guide about it she said "no he can do it....no problem." I guess nothing really is a problem in Jamaica.

Dunn's River Falls is a famous waterfall that stands 180 feet high and 600 feet long. Water rushes over the rocks and empties into the Caribbean Sea. We had a guide that led the way up the falls helping us out in the particularly treacherous parts.

Perry loved it. We carried him a little, but for most of the hike he walked holding our hands. We were so glad we were willing to give it a try with him because it was one of the best memories from the trip. I mean how many two year olds can say they have done that.

We had an absolute blast. There were rock slides and ledges to jump/fall off of into the water and pools of standing water to play in. You could spend the better part of a day just sitting and playing in the water.

We learned a lesson during this little excursion though - about how you are in control of how you handle and react to situations. Another family on our same tour had a miserable day. They had almost the same experience that we did. They had a child who probably should have been too young to do the falls but were given the opportunity to take her. Instead of either choosing still to not participate with the little one, or taking it as a happy surprise and jumping in and doing it...the mother spent the entire excursion pouting and complaining that she didn't want to be there and thought she would get to sit out with the preschooler (who by the way was having the time of her life). She was just a bundle of joy. We tried our best to tune out the negativity, but talked later about how it is up to you to be happy, not the responsibility of your circumstances or the people around you. 

After we finished with the falls we jumped back on our bus for a super quick ride over to Dolphin Cove for phase two of our Jamaican day. 

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