Sea Days

Thursday, October 15, 2015
We had two official sea days on this cruise: days 2 and 6. We created an extra sea day for ourselves by choosing not to get off the boat when we docked at Cozumel. We had just been there in April and it is just not our favorite place. So we took advantage of playing an empty boat (hello repeated Aquaduck rides).

Days were spent at a little slower pace. One morning we decided to just eat breakfast in our room/balcony and order room service. Best thing ever. After we carb loaded with a view, I went and ran my carbs off on the treadmill while the boys went and played. The picture in the middle below is the view from the aforementioned treadmill. I could get used to that.

The pool deck is awesome. Lots of room to sit and watch TV or swim or eat. Or all of the above. Like most cruise lines they have unlimited soft serve ice cream up by the pools.

They had wake up dance parties for the preschool aged kids. I think they figure that preschoolers all wake up early anyway. Not ours. We had to wake him for such experiences. But once he got there and was dancing with the other kids and Goofy, he was doing just fine.

We met a lot of characters on the cruise. And the sea days had some of the special events like the Anna & Elsa meet and princess gathering. Perry loved the frozen girls. He didn't really know who any of the more traditional princesses were (which I am ok with) so he was a little more standoff-ish with them.

During naptime we would take turns going and exploring the boat while the other stayed in with P. One day when I went exploring I stumbled upon Goofy up on his sports deck playing some putt-putt.

We also met Jake on the last sea day. Perry loved him.

Isn't P cute in his semi-formal wear (below). We often had a lag between dinner and the evening entertainment since we had early dinner and well toddlers eat quickly. Made for a good time to snap a few pictures.

The pumpkin tree bloomed throughout the week. Looking good Mr. Pumpkin tree. That is just a tiny little bit of how we spent our days at sea. Take home message is we had a blast.

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